Ideas as powerful as the ocean

What is Blue Bio Value

Blue Bio Value is dedicated to bringing ocean-based, sustainable solutions to a new, blue bioeconomy. Via our two programs, Acceleration and Ideation, we scale up marine bio-based projects and ideas, fostering science-based and biotech innovations to design a better world.

We believe that the answers to some of today’s greatest societal challenges can be found in the ocean. With the emergence of innovative industries based in marine bio-resources, we see a shift from the environmentally destructive maritime economies of the past, towards a sustainable blue economy. Blue Bio Value empowers ocean-based solutions and ideas to contribute to this new economic model.

Acceleration: Since its launch in 2018, Blue Bio Value has accelerated a total of 59 startups from 19 different countries. We seek unique and innovative startups that represent a business opportunity along the value chain of marine bioresources, including, but not limited to, biotechnology-based projects. 2021 marks the 4th edition of Blue Bio Value’s startup accelerator program.

Ideation: These 48-hour open innovation sessions focus on the creation and development of ideas and bridging the gap between academic research and the market. The Ideation program fosters science-based and biotech innovations by bringing together students, researchers and alumni in the fields of Science, Tech, Engineer and Management.


Feeding a growing population & ensuring sustainable food systems

Enhancing health & well-being

Mitigation and adaptation to climate change

Addressing resource scarcity & preserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity

Empowering a circular bioeconomy growth model

Reducing plastic production & pollution


In addition to the raw materials, Portugal also has a solid foundation when it comes to human resources in marine sciences and bioengineering, has a large maritime area and dedicated policies to foster the development of the blue economy.


Seamounts with coral reefs and hydrothermal vents
Deep sea abyssal plains and open ocean ecosystems
Estuaries and coastal zones with rich marine biodiversity
Submarine canyons and mesophotic reefs


World’s third largest consumer of seafood per capita
Developed fish processing industry


Public policies and local authorities focused on Blue Growth
Public and governmental support and incentives for the Blue Economy


Biggest maritime area in the EU
Extensive coast line and 2 Atlantic archipelagos


More than 30 scientific centres of marine research
Experience in marine biotechnology for research purposes



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