In order to reverse trend of the environmental and climate crises we need to increase conservation actions but also sustainable development, as we will only succeed in a harmonious relationship with our planet when our economy contributes to prosperity of both people and nature. Therefore, our societies require an economic model capable of decoupling growth with natural resource depletion, developing solutions that are carbon neutral and nature positive, whilst generating wealth and jobs. The blue bioeconomy is essential to responding to this challenge. As a largely untapped resource the ocean, and its biota, represents cross-sector solutions in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, polymers, energy and much more. As an emerging and rapidly growing industry, the bioeconomy represents sustainable ocean solutions for global needs.

The Oceano Azul Foundation was established in 2017, with the motivation to contribute to a healthier and more productive ocean. Under the motto “From the ocean’s point of view”, the Foundation works around three concepts: blue generation, blue natural capital and blue network. Using a science-based approach, the model of change of the Oceano Azul Foundation integrates these three concepts supporting projects on literacy, conservation, sustainable fisheries, campaigns, blue economy and capacity building namely working with governments, foundations and civil society organizations, within the UN and the EU systems, to advance the international ocean agenda.