Tackling today’s greatest societal challenges, by harnessing the power of the ocean.

Now, more than ever, the world is looking to science and innovation to provide solutions to critical problems facing the planet. From feeding a growing population, to climate change mitigation and adaptation, it is crucial that we work towards a more resilient future.

Blue Bio Value Acceleration aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable blue economy. We seek out innovative startups working to be a part of this new paradigm, providing them with the tools, network and guidance to bring their blue solutions to the market.

This program accelerates startups from around the world with sustainable innovative solutions that represent a business opportunity along the value chain of marine bioresources, including, but not limited to, biotechnology-based projects. Meet the 17 startups selected for the 2021 edition here!

Blue Bio Value Acceleration congratulates this year’s winners: Blue Oasis Technology, Feedvax and Tekslo Seafood. Celebrations continue for all the other startups who participated in tackling today’s greatest societal challenges, by harnessing the power of the ocean.

Are you a startup interested in participating in next year’s edition? Click here for more information.



We believe this emerging blue bioeconomy will play a leading role in tackling some of the most critical societal challenges the planet is facing by contributing to positive impact solutions in several areas. 

The 2021 edition is looking for ocean-based solutions in the areas of

Feeding a growing population & ensuring sustainable food systems

Enhancing health & well-being

Mitigation and adaptation to climate change

Addressing resource scarcity & preserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity

Empowering a circular bioeconomy growth model

Reducing plastic production & pollution


We will help you define your market strategy, just like a GPS, guiding you towards your product-market-fit. We want you to get a business rolling with paying customers!

You will be able to develop your idea and create solid and structured foundations for your business.

The 2021 Blue Bio Value Startup Accelerator will take place between October 11th and November 26th.

  • A 7-week acceleration programme structured in 2-week “Growth Sprints” focused on access to funding, overcoming legal barriers, overhaul business models, user research and journey, product development, sales and marketing, amongst others
  • Individual CEO-focused leadership coaching sessions
  • Access to Blue Bio Value investors network, including 1-to-1 investors sessions
  • Network of commercial partners, within processing and manufacturing industries
  • Final 2 weeks in Lisbon to participate in a field trip amongst key local ecosystem players and the Blue Bio Value Final Pitch event

 As a participant you will be exposed to experts from different sectors and backgrounds, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, investors, professors and many others.

The talks will cover several topics such as:

  1. Global Trends 
  2. Circular Bioeconomy 
  3. Leadership & Team Management 
  4. Inspiring Entrepreneurs 
  5. How to get Funding Raising? 
  6. European and Portuguese Public Funds 
  7. The Importance of Patent Protection 
  8. Effective Speaking

The Blue Bio Value Startup Accelerator has gathered a group of amazing mentors that will be guiding you on specific aspects of your business and helping you reach your company’s goals. A group of mentors ranging from executives and startup founders, to investors or leaders, will give you support along the way.

You can learn more about our mentors here.

The program comprises a set of benefits such as:

  • “Growth Sprint” framework allows participants to focus on concrete outcomes and achieve quick wins throughout the programme;
  • 1-year membership in Bluebio Alliance, the Portuguese Network of marine bioresources and blue biotechnology, which gives you access to several benefits;
  • Access to a high-level network, including mentors, investors, corporates, key specialists, entrepreneurs and some of the best research and technological centers in Europe;
  • Pitch Day exposure and other investor connections.

The program will award the best startup or startups with a total prize corresponding to 45.000,00 Eur (forty five thousand euros), which the winners will be able to spend in the Blue Demo Network

The Blue Demo Network main goal is to promote and make accessible to startups a set of infrastructures and services focused on the blue bioeconomy, including laboratories, access to water (fresh, brackish and salt water), office spaces, support services such as legal advice, among other services and benefits.

The winner(s) is (will be) chosen by the Program’s Jury, which is composed by the initiative’s promoters and partners, and invited Experts. The Jury is free to choose more than one winner and in that case the total prize is equally divided among the winners.

Even though the Blue Bio Value Startup Program is a 7-week program, after the end of the program we will be here to support you overcome your business growth challenges for the following 3 months.


The application period is closed.

Blue Bio Value Startup Program looks for aspiring and committed entrepreneurs that are able to develop commercially viable projects along the value chain of marine bioresources. Companies applying must comply with the following criteria:

  • Model preferably based on a marine bioresource or with a positive impact on marine bioresources;
  • Intentionally aiming to create positive impact in the marine world;
  • Usage of sustainable and responsible sourcing and/or production methods;
  • Preferably using high/deep (bio)technologies;
  • Preferably leading to high value/high tech-based products, services and/or solutions;
  • Targeted for the global market;
  • Established company prepared to enter the market or already in the market;
  • Having a fulltime team, with at least one of the co-founders working fulltime;
  • Projects TRL 5-7 that can demonstrate high potential to rapidly scale up to viable market applications. [TRL: Technology Readiness Level, read more about it here.]
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