The Blue Bio Value Ideation Aveiro happened in February 2020 (13th, 14t and 15th) in Universidade de Aveiro.

A total of 28 Participants were selected and 9 projects were created.

After 2,5 days of intense work, 3 projects were selected as winners on the  Final Pitch Ceremony: Horta da Ria, ArtiReef and BlueGlue.

The 3 teams won 4 mentorship sessions with mentors from Bluebio Alliance and intense workshops with Fábrica de Startups to prepare their application for the next level: the Blue Bio Value Acceleration Program.

Blue Bio Value Ideation Aveiro was powered by Fábrica de Startups.


Blue Bio Value Ideation in Aveiro was an initiative and collaboration between Blue Bio Value promoters with Universidade de Aveiro.

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